Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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As demand for cashmere plummets, Mongolian herders take the hit

Mongolia, a leading supplier for global cashmere, has seen demand for its luxury fibers plummet during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kyrgyzstan: President pleads for sovereign debt restructuring

The president of Kyrgyzstan has pleaded, during a meeting jointly convened by the United Nations to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic...

Ken Fujino chose Tatarstan to reveal the secrets of territory branding

For the first time in Russia, Ken Fujino, a famous expert in the territory branding, the head of the Japanese N37, gave...

China’s Gas Cuts Raise Pressure On Central Asia

As China cuts back on its commitments to import natural gas, it is trying to spread the shortfall among its increasingly hard-pressed...

Kazakhstan to allow free export of food products

Starting from June 1, Kazakhstan will scrap bans and quotas on the export of food products that were introduced at the height...

Turkmenistan: Day late, dollar short

One would imagine a country as equine-centered as Turkmenistan might know of the futility of shutting a stable door after the horse...
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